Customize Frequent Flyer Mileage Strategy

Get Frequent Flyer MilesUpdate:  Due to my limited time availability over the next few weeks I’m immediately suspending my customized frequent mileage strategy services.  When my schedule slows down I’ll open this up back again.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Avoid the hassle and potential pitfalls of choosing your preferred frequent flyer program. Instead, decide to make the most out of every flyer mile and take your vacation sooner.

Who is this consultation designed for?

This consultation is specifically designed for people who have a vacation goal in mind, but don’t know how to go about earning the necessary points to make their dream a reality.

This consultation is for people who are just entering into the world of frequent flyer miles and feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the number of points earning options.

It’s for individuals who want to spend their time relaxing on beaches instead of researching in front of a computer.

Get Started Today - Hand Drawn BlackHow does it work?

Once you provide me with some preliminary details, I’ll help you determine the following:

1. The best airline rewards program for your travel needs.

2. The best airline that offers you the lowest mileage redemption options.

Every air mile program has pages upon pages of terms and conditions. Reading through those terms and conditions is about as fun as eating mud on a stick.

The Customized Frequent Flyer Mileage Strategy helps you focus your mileage earning so that you can accumulate the most valuable points and miles for your trips without the hassle of understanding how all airlines differ.

After personally analyzing and reviewing your travel preferences and related information, I’ll put together a list of recommendations for the top airlines you should consider to help you reach your travel goals. In that report, you’ll also get a detailed explanation of why those airlines are your best choices.

The service is provided free of charge.  It’s just one way I want to give back to the fantastic Help Me Travel Cheap and Travel Free Coach community.

Get your Miles Maximization Consultation now.

Customized Frequent Flyer Mileage Strategy Form

Please complete as much information as possible. Once completed I'll contact you within 48-72 hours.
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